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Seventh Generation Systems Thinking through Community Activated Medicine™

October 2023
October 2023
Chicago, USA
Rising the Tide

This presentation will focus on shifting the paradigm around mental health service delivery through a decolonial and demonetizing value-based practice of Community Activated Medicine™ (CAM™). This will include a new approach to shifting from a primary care space in four walls to community-based care through the Mental Health Without Boarders™ Approach. This groundbreaking model is changing the way we see service delivery as we know it today and breaking systemic barriers to accessing therapy, providers, and culturally responsive mental health care.

Join Denny on this mental health movement on deepening the conversation around practice, pedagogy, and process for Healing Intergenerational Roots (HIR) for community belonging and mending the social fabric of generational grief. It is time to call ourselves back home. Illness becomes wellness, when I becomes WE.

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