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Growing and Implementing Matriarchal Shared Leadership

May 2023
May 2023
Wisconsin, USA
HIR Wellness Institute Leadership Retreat

As we seek to learn from our ancestors’ teachings and the ways of governance that worked for centuries prior to colonization, we invite our Indigenous roles into colonial spaces. Shifting the paradigm from western archetypes to Indigenous archetypes is part of our Intergenerational Healing Approach™. Through this process, we bring roles such as Advising Elders, Fire Keepers, Earth Mothers, Tricksters, and Healers forward.

Matriarchal Shared Leadership (Denny, 2019) normalizes feminine leadership styles to be centered and protected, not patronized, shamed, or dismissed as less impactful. It is not the alternative to patriarchal leadership styles, rather it offers freedom for these ancient ways of knowing to be celebrated, liberated, and fully nurtured. It is rooted in vulnerability, humility, trust, relative-hood, creativity, nurturing of self and others, teaching, mentorship, modeling, and holding space for the unseen/unknown. It invites us to slow down, be in relationship with one another, intentionally focusing on deepening the process of making decisions together.

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