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Daughters of Tradition: The Next Generation Model of Youth Empowerment

February 2023
February 2023
Arizona, USA
Healing Together Conference

This youth workshop is led by HIR Wellness Institute team with CEO and Clinical Director, Lea S. Denny. Topics covered will include the HIR Wellness Institute Daughters of Tradition (DOT) group that focuses on building sisterhood to buffer the impact of and exposure to violence. HIR Wellness Institute Daughters of Tradition group is a violence prevention, intervention, and restorative justice program. This workshop is for all genders and is about exploring a youth program that is stewarded by youth. We will practice healing activities and invite youth to participate in creating their own Native Youth Mental Health Campaign. This initiative was part of a larger project that the DOT youth did as part of the Health Equity Collective national awareness project. We are continuing the story and voices of this project by bringing it to this conference.

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